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Want To Help Us To Develop Al-Anvar A Free Quranic Software ?

Develop Al-Anvar Program

Al-Anvar Qur'an study software is written in C++, using Qt toolkit. If you have knowledge in this or anything else related, feel free to contribute. See SourceForge for the Al-Anvar code. We need new icons, art works, logos and anything artistic to enhance current Al-Anvar look and feel.

Contribute New Languages

Al-Anvar needs new languages to be written in. You can find current languages here.

HOWTO create/update a langauge pack

As of Al-Anvar, one can easily set the user interface language in his/her own language.
In Al-Anvar context, a language pack is a small .xml file which consists of translations of phrases and expressions used in the application, in a target language. All language packs are located on [Al-Anvar installation folder]/language feel free to edit .xml file and see changes after restart al-anvar.


Specify align (left to right or right to left); Arabic-like languages (e.g. Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Pashto, etc.) are written right to left unlike Roman languages (e.g. English, French, etc.) which are left to right . for example if you want to write language for French :

<text id="Align" value="Left"&gt

and for Arabic

<text id="Align" value="Right"&gt

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